The Blogs, the Novel and the Wordsmith

The Blogs. I’ve been a shameful blogger, turning my back on numerous blogs developed with vague subject matter and little point; deciding I want little to do with the freakish, partially developed creations after a few posts.

But there’s a point to this blog, and it revolves around an activity I’ve been obsessed with since childhood: writing.

The Novel. There couldn’t be a better time to start a blog on my progress, thoughts and struggles with writing because I’m currently undertaking a great endeavorĀ  – I’m completing a novel. This novel is a project I’ve been working on for the past five years. Like my old blogs, it was begun with great gusto, only to wind up in a sealed jar, pickling in my inevitable disappointment.

This year, I tore up my closets to find that jar and resuscitate the still-breathing fetus inside after a sudden realization. I’m turning 30 next year, and my departure from the blissful “I-have-plenty-of-time” 20’s sent me into a panic about how very little time I actually have. I mean, I nearly killed myself slipping beside a hotel jacuzzi this weekend – maybe I’ll be swiftly ended by an urban ninja tomorrow. Who knows?

I need to get this book done and out there. I need to say, perfectionism be damned.

The Wordsmith. That whole “Wordsmith” thing is a reference to my work supervisor’s frequent requests to use my wordsmith-ery on projects. I find it amusing that she sees me as someone who can flourish a wand and presto-chango the black swan sentences into graceful, white swans. It’s a flattering comment but, honestly, the process of writing, revising and proofing isn’t mystically simple, it’s hard work, not only because I have flaws and weaknesses as a writer. I am not an expert, but a constant student, and this blog is a record of my learning process.

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