Weekend Abandon

Short StoryI won’t lie to you. I haven’t been productive since Friday afternoon. My weekends often degenerate in Dionysian abandon with field trips, barbecues, dog park adventures, clubbing, etc. This weekend, my short story was ignored as I watched a movie (“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”) on Friday, attended Cinespia‘s screening of “Psycho” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday, and took a trip to the Natural History Museum for the new dino exhibit on Sunday. I also spent much of Sunday evening prostrate on the couch, ironing out the wrinkles in my brain with bad television.

I did digest a healthy chunk of “Stephen King | On Writing” in the midst of all this. The book is studded with post-its; it was a real eye-opener. Sometimes, deep down, you know what you’re doing wrong, but you need someone else to say it, point blank, before you make a real change. That’s what this book did for me. I just needed someone to tell me to please can the adverbs. It taught me much more than that and I’ll refer to my many thoughts on Mr. King’s suggestions (and pleas) in later posts.

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