The Nerdist Way Book Release

Last night, I played fangirl and attended “The Nerdist Way” book release at Meltdown Comics, featuring a Q&A with author Chris Hardwick (moderated by Will Wheaton–emphasis on the haitch) and a book signing. I want to be more proactive about going to book signings, Q&A’s with authors of all kinds, literary events and writing workshops–basically, getting out and being an active participant in the writing community. The fact that 13 year-old S.Z. had a big, fat crush on “Singled Out” Chris Hardwick had nothing to do with it.

When we got there, the Q&A was packed so we fell in line for the signing. By the time the Q&A ended, the signing line wrapped around the store. I’d heard Hardwick promoting the release on popular KROQ morning show Kevin & Bean, so I had braced myself for unadulterated chaos, but it was organized and there was no wall of death. Kudos to Meltdown.

(Video: Wall of Death Reference)

I’m a Nerdist podcast addict. I learned about it through a friend earlier last year, and have been listening religiously ever since. The hosts, Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, and guests (the likes of Neil Gaiman, J.J. Abrams, Rob Zombie, Simon Pegg, plenty of quality comedians) discuss a lot of issues applicable to writing. For instance, it was a relief to hear Hardwick discuss his issues with crippling perfectionism. I’m not the only one! Okay, of course I’m not, but there’s something about hearing relatable struggles from a successful type.

So, when it was my turn, he signed his name and then drew a symbol. “I don’t know what it meeeans,” I squeaked.

“It’s the Nerdist podcast symbol,” he said…

That’s right. I’m excited to announce that I made it into “Stupid Things Fans Say” Vol. 20. The logo is everywhere–on the podcast links, the website, even on the front of the very book I was holding in my hand. Why I didn’t recognize it at that moment; the world will never know.


Chris Hardwick

I know what you’re thinking: “She is so cool.”

Book review to follow. This is non-fiction, but it’s about being a productive nerd, so it’s pertinent, right?

6 thoughts on “The Nerdist Way Book Release

  1. LOL! I feel for you.

    Why? Why is it that when we meet these people we adore, our brains don’t function right? Haven’t met the guy I fangirl over and don’t want to for several reasons. One of them is that I know my brain would turn into mush.

    After reading your post, though, I may take the chance someday. Life is too short not to meet people you admire. Thank you.

    • Well you just made my day! If my awkward moments convince people to go for it in any small way, I’d gladly embarrass myself on a daily basis. 🙂
      It doesn’t matter who it is–man, woman, the elderly, the young–admirable people give me the brainfarts. I’m a generally meek and quiet person, with just enough social skills to get by. So my brain buckles under the pressure of intimidating encounters with those I deem uber-awesome. But it’s natural, and it certainly is worth it if it means meeting someone you admire.
      I hope you do take that chance!

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