FB Page for Graphic Novel Beatrice is Dead

The graphic novel, “Beatrice is Dead,” written by me, art by Robert Burrows, now has a Facebook page! This is a creator-owned work and a debut graphic novel for me, so we could use all the support we can get. Feel free to “Like,” if you’re so inclined.


Some info about the graphic novel:

“Beatrice is Dead” is writer S. Zainab Williams’ debut graphic novel, illustrated by Robert Burrows whose previous work includes the graphic novel “Something Animal.”

The City of Ash is the first story in a set of short horror/dark fantasy volumes about Beat, an eighteen year-old girl coming of age in the afterlife. After taking her own life, Beat is assigned to a demon-infested world where dangerous civilizations have developed. There, she must come to grips with her past and protect her soul before she is doomed to eternity as a wraith or something much more sinister.

This is where you’ll find sneak peaks and artwork from the graphic novel, blog posts from the writer and artist, news, and information on the release date!

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