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Book Review: Snow Crash

Something about the look of sci-fi novels always put me off as a kid. I was much more a fairies and sorcery kind of girl. But when my friend recommended Snow Crash with the promise that it would be good, I decided to give sci-fi a try. That is, after letting the book sit on my shelf for almost half a year.

I finally dusted it off before my cruise in August because I hadn’t had time to purchase or borrow vacation reading. I’m so glad circumstances worked out that way–it’s been a while since I’ve had so much fun reading a book, and author Neil Stephenson invented my new favorite female character.

Snow Crash follows the adventures of hacker and pizza deliverer Hiro Protagonist (clever, eh?) and his pseudo-sidekick Y.T., a courier, as they try to trace and cure the source of a virus that’s infecting other hackers in a virtual world called the Metaverse. Reality in Snow Crash is actually an alternate reality where the mob and massive conglomerates run the world and the government is too flaccid and bureaucracy-encumbered to run anything…sounds vaguely familiar.

I always thought the strong female character was contrived, but Stephenson does it right with Y.T. She’s so bad-ass she upstaged Hiro in my opinion. Y.T. is this punky skateboarding chick who can’t even be intimidated by the mob–or, at least, she doesn’t show it when she is.

The whole book is chock full of memorable characters. Even the bio-mechanical animals in the book have depth.

Read this book. It’s been picked up for a film adaptation by Attack the Block director Joe Cornish. It’ll be really interesting to see how they translate it, especially some of the admittedly bulky Sumerian myth exposition scenes. Good luck with that!

Now to finish Sagan’s Cosmos and Harkaway’s Angelmaker.

Smell as Bookish as You Feel

It might seem random to bring up perfume on a blog about writing, but CB I Hate Perfume’s In the Library scent is actually extracted from the pages of a book!

You know how some scents advertise their kiwi, strawberry, floral, amber, etc. notes and when you spray some on it smells like something made by a lab coat? This is not that kind of scent. I bought a tester and dabbed some on. I was skeptical even as I purchased it, but I had to try it. After about 10 minutes I kept catching this familiar, haunting, addictive aroma; I realized it was books and it was me. Oh it’s so good.

I’d probably pair it with another quality (albeit typical) perfume to give it some mystery and intrigue. I don’t know about you, but books definitely smell like mystery and intrigue to me.

Book Riot has a great interview with the scent’s creator here.

Identity Thief Book Signing

Last week, I went to my friend Meaghan O’Keefe’s book signing. She did all of the art for Identity Thief, a suspenseful graphic novel. I’ve watched Meaghan’s progress on the illustrations for some time and it was gratifying to see her hard work finally come together in a cohesive, visually stunning book. I’m so grateful to be in the company of such talented people.

Her book can be purchased here. She also has some great tees with art from the graphic novel.

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