Beatrice is Dead–No More Effing Edits!!

I’m pretty sure Robert Burrows hated me for a few minutes…okay, maybe days. As we crawled toward the end of fix-its on the graphic novel he and I are co-creating, I kept coming back with revisions to Beatrice is Dead. I just want this book to be as good as I can possibly make it–and I didn’t want a stinging-hot, rage-filled episode brought on by the sight of a typo or an obvious misstep in the published work.

But I can finally say that the content editing phase is over. If I see a problem after publication, it’s one I wouldn’t have caught with many more reads.

It’s terrifying to let go. I’ve never said of any major writing project, “This is done.” Never. But that’s what needs to happen and the palpitating fear that makes me want to hide under my blankets is accompanied by giddy joy.

Art by Robert Burrows

Beatrice is Dead Art by Robert Burrows

3 thoughts on “Beatrice is Dead–No More Effing Edits!!

    • I will write you a long, awkward (Sharifah-style) thank you note for being such a supportive and honest friend on the inside jacket. 🙂

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