Where’s My Mimosa?

The illustration doesn’t necessarily reflect how I feel right now.

I’m approaching the end of my millionth manuscript revision. This happenstance was the result of some feedback from a query. I took said advice to a new level and basically rewrote my novel.

The challenge was at first thrilling. Then exhausting. Now I’m approaching the last three chapters and I simply feel stunned. The arc of my progress is like a trip and fall against the sharp edge of a bed frame. I’m certain I’ll find myself groping my head wondering if I’m still all there.

Needless to say, survival will call for champagne.

2 thoughts on “Where’s My Mimosa?

  1. Wait. You got feedback from a query? I did the whole rewrite because of the LACK of feedback from queries. Haha in five years you’ll look at it as a learning experience. Maybe?

    • Yeah, it was one of those moments I had to act on. I really expected a form letter, lol. I’m already looking at it as a learning experience! An exhausting one, but y’know.

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