Weirdo’s Guide Moving to Periscope

 I can’t do it! My problem is that I take on too much and can’t sustain. And because of this, The Weirdo’s Guide to Wordeating, my still-new booktube channel, is moving to Periscope, the livestreaming app.

I tried YouTube and I couldn’t keep up with the production time. Maybe if I had a team of elves… With Periscope, I can shoot and send on the fly. No editing.

If you’re on Periscope, find me and my book blather at szainabwilliams. I think I can upload the videos too, which might happen if I figure that out.  

2 thoughts on “Weirdo’s Guide Moving to Periscope

  1. Book Blather is the best blather, in my opinion. I still don’t know much about Periscope, only that’s vlogging sort of in real time? Might get an account just to check out the bookish shenanigans going on there.

    I have that same problem. I take on too much,feel over worked, and then everything gets abandoned. I’ve thought of starting a youtube channel, but I feel like I would get so overwhelmed. I can barely keep up with blogging.
    Hope Periscope works out better for you 🙂

    • It’s livestreaming. So you don’t have the burden of editing and uploading. I love booktubes on YouTube but my schedule can’t sustain that level of production. :/ It sounds like Periscope might be a good avenue for you too! I’m planning to test it out next week.

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