#ReadtoDraw – Sister Mine

 I painted my first Read to Draw piece for Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and drawing Makeda and Abby, the two sisters in the book. If you love dysfunctional families and deities you’ll want to give this a read. And if you read it, you’ll understand the vines in the illustration…

#ReadtoDraw Challenge

ReadtoDraw ChallengeFor the next 365 days, I’ll be tracking my reading through art and posting these drawings on my Instagram (@szainabwilliams) using the #ReadtoDraw hashtag. And…I’m extending the challenge to YOU!

You don’t have to be a great artist to participate, but I’ll bet that after 365 days of reading and drawing, you’ll be a better one.


  • Read a book.
  • Create art using the medium(s) of your choice. You can draw a scene that captivated you, a character you loved or loved to hate, an alternate cover, or even draw as you read and as flights of fancy strike you—it’s totally up to you what/how many pieces you draw as long as they relate to a book you are reading or have read during your 365 days.
  • Post it! Instagram will be my main stomping ground where I’ll post WIPs and book-related warmup sketches, but I’ll also post finished pieces here on my blog and on my Inkypasta Tumblr. Post on the platform(s) of your choice.
  • Don’t forget to include the #ReadtoDraw hashtag so we can find each other!

Start your 365 days now or next month or whenever. The point is to track your reading for a year and memorialize it through art. Encourage yourself to read more and create more.

AND encourage others to do the same by challenging them! Share the #ReadtoDraw challenge with your fellow book and art lovers.

I’m looking forward to reading, drawing, and seeing what you create.