Best Place to Write in Los Angeles #7: Daily Dose, Downtown Los Angeles

I basically use my Instagram feed to discover new cafes and restaurants. My Daily Dose cafe discovery came courtesy of one of my favorite artists, JAW Cooper. Daily Dose is a rustic, urban cafe tucked away in an industrial zone (considered the Arts District as well) of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s become a thing for chic new cafes primarily catering to creatives and loft dwellers to share space with packing and wholesale districts. I’m guessing it’s because the rent is cheap and the warehouses and old industrial buildings are being converted into residential spaces for artists and the like.

It’s easy to forget you’re in a somewhat gloomy, congested area even after the difficulty of maneuvering around big rigs idling on the road and hassling to find parking (lots of No Parking signs, so be sure to read before you park). There’s a sign on a nondescript strip of street pointing you down a cozy alley. You pass ivy-covered brick, tables made from what looks like reclaimed wood and old wood produce boxes, and walk up to a charming, rickety door. Inside, the cafe is bright and warm, and the staff smiles at you, offering recommendations. They have a seasonal, mostly farm-to-table breakfast and lunch menu–you will want to come hungry.

I ordered The Guildsmith, a grilled cheese chock full of tasty veg. They give you a number if you’re dining in, and seating is all outside (if I remember correctly). I can imagine this place getting crowded on weekends; take note that seating is limited and many of the tables are communal picnic tables. But I showed up on a weekday just before noon and found a table for two easily. Your table neighbors will most likely be well-to-do creatives, or artsy interns and freelancers. I saw a couple of people with laptops.

If you order food, you won’t want to pause between bites to write. I didn’t look up from my plate until everything was gone. It’s hard enough to find a decent meal and even harder to find it at a cafe. The cappuccino was also good, by the way. I think every barista is now required to be an expert in foam art.

I got in about an hour of writing before I felt like maybe I was taking up space what with the lunch crowd filtering in. Next time, I’ll try coming at an off hour like 2:00 p.m. The Wi-Fi is free and they’re open until 8:00 p.m. every day except Sunday (4:00 p.m. is the closing time, but check the website).

I’d come back any weekday to write and on the weekend with friends. I love the atmosphere–I almost felt like I’d found my way to an old city of creeping ivy and brownstone. Tiny birds fluttered around, it was overcast. Perfect.

This only gets a four out of five because my actual writing time was limited by seating. As far as cafes go, generally speaking, it gets a five.

Viscosity: 4 out of 5

Best Place to Write in Los Angeles #6


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