Kickstarter DOs and DON’Ts (Vlog)

In Episode 3 of SZWordeatery, I go over some DOs and DONTs of running a Kickstarter campaign. These are tips I wish someone had given me from the outset. I’m 6 days away from the end of my own Kickstarter for Vol. 1 of Beatrice is Dead, the graphic novel I authored!

Vlog: SZWordeatery Ep. 2.2

I’m splitting up the vlog into a food section and a reading/writing section. Here’s Episode 2.2, wherein I offer some tips on Twitter use for writers and talk about Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker. Stick around for Awkward Moments at the end!

My First Vlog! SZWordeatery Episode 1

I decided to start a vlog where I could talk about all of my favorite things and weekly experiences in one place. Here’s Episode 1 with a recap below!

// Eat //

I recommended Paola Parson’s loveandcupcakesblog Instagram for gorgeous and alluring foodporn.

I shared my Instagram handle, pterostigma.

I visited Brentwood ice cream shop Sweet Rose Creamery and recommended the summer corn and dairy-free horchata scoops. Delish!

News: I joined the Food Riot team as a Contributing Writer, and I have a new gluten-free recipe for Chococonut Bacon Bombs on my food blog, Little PorkPie.

// Write //

I shared three time management tips for writers:

  • Use Google Calendar to organize your time and keep track of deadlines.
  • Write during your lunch break to alleviate some time-related stress.
  • Cut out as much television as possible for better productivity. It doesn’t hurt as much as you might think.

News: I’m on the last chapter of revisions for the first book of my YA Fantasy series, Aurelia and the House of Dire.

// Read //

I’m currently reading A Game of Thrones. The book and the series follow each other impressively closely so far.

News: The Kickstarter page for the first volume of my horror graphic novel, Beatrice is Dead, will be up in August!